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Communion with God

Our relationship with God is both an objective and a subjective thing. On the one hand, God graciously brings us from death to life, grants us faith and repentance, declares us to be righteous, adopts us to himself, sanctifies us, keeps and preserves us, and will one day make us perfect. These are all objective realities. They are true regardless of how we feel on a given ...

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Praying Scripture

Early last year (even before we knew it was going to be "2020"), I struggled with both my devotions and prayer life. I frequently found my mind wandering as I read the Scriptures in the morning. While I rarely missed my weekday readings, I frequently had to restart them because I hadn't focused on what I was reading. Similarly, my prayers suffered, being brief or repetitiv...

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Watch and Pray

We are entering that storm season that gives my children the most anxiety.Whenever it is going to rain, or a storm is forecast, my children ask the same questions over and over again.Is it going to lightning?Will trees fall down?Ruth and I have to be careful how we talk about a storm that has warned severity.It is inevitable; a storm will come, and we should be prepared. I...

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A Daily Task

As I sit in my office wondering what I should write this week for our blog, I am drawn to all the things that are upcoming.A blog can often feel like another busy thing that must be done in a week full of tasks. I feel somewhat ashamed.My calling in the ministry is no mere task or checklist. Of course, there are things that must be accomplished, and I love clearing a check...

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