A New Sunday School Series

Beginning in a few weeks, we are going to shift in Sunday School from working our way through the Psalms to a focus on what we call Biblical Theology. This approach to theology is focused on interpreting Scripture as it unfolds from beginning to end, keeping Christ’s person and work at the center of the unfolding narrative.

In a way, this is lifting the hood to show you what Pastor Nathan and I do in much of our preaching and teaching ministry and how we do it. In some ways, perhaps, you’ve caught this if you’ve sat under our teaching for very long. It’s also necessary, though, from time to time, to explicitly address what we are doing and how we do it. This is helpful to you so that you understand our own work better. More importantly, however, what we are doing is something you can and should be doing as well! Biblical theology is not something reserved for ministers of the Word. It is beneficial to all of God’s people, and so we look forward to training you in this approach.

In this series, then, our plan is to show you how we do this. We’re going to begin by considering some introductory matters, especially related to Scripture. Where did it come from? How did the Bible get from the original authors into your hands? What basic and foundational beliefs about Scripture do we bring with us to the our reading and study of Scripture? How do you go about learning the content of Scripture? How do all these books of the Bible fit together? And finally, what is the story that is being told from Genesis to Revelation? What are the themes and primary images used in this story, and how do they advance the unfolding revelation of God?

One of the great joys of doing biblical theology is the story aspect. There is an unfolding narrative in history and we are a part of that narrative. God is saving a people for himself—and how and why he is doing that is a source of great joy and peace and comfort to those who will believe.

I’m really looking forward to this series, and I hope you’ll plan to join us in the weeks to come!

Your fellow servant of Christ,
Pastor Matt