Moving into New Digs

As most of you know, we will be moving into the Martin Center for worship on Sunday mornings starting March 7. We are very excited about this transition! Some things will be staying the same and some things will be very different…
Staying the same…


  1. We will keep our current schedule on Sunday mornings. Worship will begin at 9am.
  2. There will not be any Sunday school initially. The Session would like to get into the building for a few Sunday mornings and evaluate things before adding ministry.
  3. Masks are still required for now while in the building.

Things that are changing…

  1. There is no disco ball or Benediction Bear at the Martin Center.
  2. Our primary worship space will be limited to 60 people for now due to COVID. As these limits increase, we will have plenty of room to grow. We expect to be able to meet with a group as large as 250 in this space. In the meantime, we will have an overflow space that combined with the primary space will be sufficient for allof our members and visitors.
  3. We are adding two new volunteer teams for Sunday mornings. First, we will need a new team to greet people at the door, screen for temperature, and direct them to the sanctuary or overflow room. Second, we will add a cleaning team for after the service. As these team leaders are identified and begin recruiting, please consider volunteering to help!
  4. You’ve all done such a tremendous job with the COVID restrictions! One thing we will need to be a bit more mindful of is how close we stand when visiting after the service. Our current policy actually states that we need to keep 6 feet between people who don’t live in the same household. We’ve not been great about enforcing this. Our new hosts have the same rule, and we want to seek to honor that.

The Martin Center is going to be a tremendous improvement for us on so many levels. For example, the space has a much warmer acoustic and should increase the volume of our congregational singing - we will be able to hear ourselves as a congregation! And though the space isn’t ours, it feels a lot more like a church than the elementary school.
Those of us who have been in the school for these first 5 years will always have fond memories and appreciate the home that LES provided for us. We are excited about the next phase, though, and cannot wait to see what God does in the coming years at and through All Saints Presbyterian Church! We’re so glad you’re with us and a part of that work!
Your fellow servant in Christ,