Autumn and Hope Remembered

Finally Middle Tennessee is getting some cool weather as we officially pass into Autumn. Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love the cool weather and the beautiful colors. Some of my favorite childhood memories of annual rituals are associated with Autumn and into the Advent season, when Autumn officially ends. Watching Charlie Brown Specials and bundling up to go outside; the anticipation of the Advent season and Christmas with all of its decorations and traditions. What’s not to like! When it comes to our Christian hope - the hope that is ours now and which will be fulfilled on the day of Christ’s return, we celebrate this hope and are reminded of this hope every Sunday morning. As this hope is expressed in God’s Word and in the preaching of the gospel it is food for us and sustains us each week. We should also be tuned in, though, to the ways in which God reminds us of this hope every day and through the seasons of the year. Even as the coming of Autumn anticipates the season of Advent, we are reminded that Christ has already come to secure our salvation and that we have this living hope, the confident hope that he will return again to be with us forever. So, I hope you enjoy this Autumn season and are reminded each day as you step outside that seasons come and seasons go, but the promises of our God stand forever. He is coming again.

Your fellow servant of Christ,
Pastor Matt