Getting Involved

We are often asked what opportunities there are to serve at All Saints. Below is a list of service opportunities together with a brief description and a point of contact. Please feel free to email the point of contact if you'd like to volunteer or just to find out more about what a particular opportunity involves!

Greeting/Screening - Linette McMahon

Volunteer to greet people and screen for temperatures as they arrive on Sunday mornings, offering them a warm welcome and helping them find what they need.

Communion Set Up - Travis Dunlap

Setting up and breaking down the Communion Table and elements each week is an important task that enables us to be ready for worship!

Chair Set Up - JD Stuart

Setting up the chairs in the Martin Center for Sunday school and worship.

Sound Set Up - Aaron Broad

Setting up our sound system in the Martin Center including the sound board, cables, speakers, keyboard, and microphones.

Children's Ministry - Laura Hollis

Helping keep an eye on our little ones and in some roles teaching them God's Word.

Sign Set Up - Chris Hough

Signs are so important for helping folks find us and find their way around the school on a Sunday morning.

Book Table Set Up - Sarah Patteson

The book table and welcome table offer the resources helpful or needed for worship on a Sunday morning and growth in Christ throughout the week.

Musicians - Matt Bradley

If you have a musical talent and would like to offer to play during worship, we'd love to find out more!

Fellowship Committee - Nathan McCall

This committee meets occasionally to plan the fellowship events that take place outside of our regular worship and study so we can enjoy getting to know one another better.