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Simply put, the gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ died to save sinners. Of course, the joy of that message may be lost on those who don't know they need saving! And that's what the Bible is all about—explaining to us that we were created by God but rebelled against him (and continue to do so—this is what the Bible calls "sin") and for that reason, we are under his judgment. But he has not left us under that judgment! Instead, he has delivered us from it (this is what we call being "saved") by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to serve the penalty of the judgment in our place. This is a work that the Son willingly took upon himself to glorify his Father and because he loves us so much! The Bible teaches us that we (the Church together and Christians individually) must spread this good news to the world and call upon all people to believe in Jesus Christ. If you will believe this good news, repent of your sins and trust in the work that Christ completed, you will be delivered from the judgment of God and your relationship with God will be restored to what it was intended to be—a loving relationship between the Creator and his creation, between the Father and his child.

Sometimes people get confused and think that to be a Christian you must first stop sinning. They think the good news of the gospel is that if you will become a better person, God will let you into heaven one day. Unfortunately, as anyone who is honest with himself knows, no one can become perfect in his own power. In fact, no one but Jesus has been, is, or will be perfect until Jesus Christ returns to claim us for himself and make all things right. So if you think you don't need this good news of the gospel because you are a pretty good person, the Bible says that isn't enough. You have to be perfect. That's not good news! That's bad news! Thank goodness it isn't the end of the news! No one will go to heaven because they deserve it. The Bible says that salvation is a work of God, not a work of our own. And it teaches that this work is done for us, and all the benefits of the work are given to us and become ours by faith—trusting that Christ really did these things for us and that nothing else is required.

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