What is a pastoral letter? A pastoral letter is an opportunity for the leadership of the church to speak to our members and the community around us. We speak on matters that are moral and ethical as well as doctrinal. We are also usually motivated to speak by current events in our church or culture. Though issues we address are often politicized, our letters are never about the politics or aimed at politicians or parties. Instead, we are focused on the ideas or actions that we are writing about, and what God has said about those things in his Word.

Our goal in writing is to further instruct our parish on matters of Christian living that are pertinent to our time and place. We also do this from the pulpit as we preach, and in every forum where we teach the Word of God. However, there are times in which circumstances require us to speak more quickly or directly than our usual ministries permit. Often, we want a more enduring record of our statement as well. For these times, a pastoral letter is appropriate.

The Christian Church has used pastoral letters throughout history to address her members on matters of moral, ethical, and doctrinal importance. Below you will find the letters that the leadership of All Saints has published so far. If you have any questions about where we stand on any of these matters, you can contact our pastor at info@allsaintspres.net and he will do his best to answer your questions.