The Order of Worship: Worship According to Scripture

The subject of worship and how to conduct it is too often a contentious one. In recent decades, it has even given us the term “worship wars.” Many Christians choose their church home based more on the style of worship than the doctrine that is believed and taught. Nonetheless, each church must make a decision about how it will conduct its worship. As we read Scripture, we find a principle that guides us in this work: The Regulative Principle. We understand that though Scripture hasn’t given us a strict order of worship, it has taught us what elements ought to be used to worship God. We ought to worship him with prayer, singing, the reading and preaching and hearing of the Word as well as the proper administration and worthy receiving of the Sacraments. 

We are also taught that our attitude in worship is to be one of reverence and awe. And in biblical examples of corporate worship, we also find that worship is a dialogue between God and his people in which he speaks the first and the last word. 

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to walk through our order of worship and explain very briefly how it fits into this understanding of worship. Worship is service to God—one that we ought to joyfully render to him. I hope and pray that over the course of this series you will gain a clearer understanding of our worship and therefore be equipped to worship with even greater joy.

Your fellow servant of Christ,
Pastor Matt