Listed below are the officers of the church. In the Presbyterian church there are two kinds of officers: elders and deacons. Some elders are pastors, or what we call teaching elders. Others are laymen, or what we call ruling elders. Together they make up the session. The session has the responsibility of spiritual oversight and shepherding of the congregation. Deacons handle the business of the church - property, finances, and making sure the physical and financial needs of our members are being met as we are able.

Right now, as we work to plant the church, we are under the oversight of a provisional session made up of elders from different churches in the local presbytery. We do not have deacons, but plan to train, elect, ordain, and install them as we are particularized (recognized as a self-supporting church).

Elders (Provisional Session)

TE Matthew Bradley, Moderator (Organizing Pastor)
RE Terry Chaney, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
RE Buddy Creech, Covenant Presbyterian Church
TE Nathan McCall, All Saints Presbyterian Church
RE Bo Patton, Christ Presbyterian Church
TE Nate Shurden, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
RE Jack Watkins, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Clerk


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