The History of All Saints Presbyterian Church


As early as 2014 several families in Brentwood who were members of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Green Hills began discussing establishing a new church in Brentwood. Despite the large churches and large number of churches in Brentwood, they recognized that many residents in Brentwood were not actually attending church regularly. It was their desire to see a church established that was based on the parish model - ministering the gospel intentionally in a local neighborhood. They also wanted the church to take the ordinary means of grace as its philosophy of ministry. In other words, they wanted the church to focus on the basic work that Christ describes in his Word for the Church: The preaching of the Word, the sacraments, and prayer. By these means Christ builds his people individually and as a body.

These families started a Bible study in their homes and when they were ready to call a pastor and begin worshipping on Sundays, they called Pastor Matthew Bradley from Covenant Presbyterian Church. The session and congregation of Covenant agreed to release Pastor Bradley from his call there and the Nashville Presbytery (PCA) also approved of the new church plant and Pastor Bradley's calling to lead it.

With all the formalities complete, the new community of believers met for a month of Sundays in the children's wing at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood before starting regular Sunday afternoon worship services in "the Barn" on the other side of Fellowship's property. They celebrated their first worship service on the first Sunday of Advent, 2015.

At the time the church was led by a provisional session of pastors and ruling elders from around the presbytery:

  • TE Matthew Bradley, Planting Pastor
  • RE Jack Watkins, Secretary (Covenant Presbyterian Church)
  • RE Buddy Creech (Covenant Presbyterian Church)
  • TE Nate Shurden (Cornerstone Presbyterian Church)
  • RE Terry Cheney (Cornerstone Presbyterian Church)
  • TE Cam Clausing (Parish Presbyterian Church)
  • RE Bo Patton (Christ Presbyterian Church)

The regular daily and weekly leadership and vision were provided by the Leadership Team:

  • Jay Hollis
  • Chris Hough
  • JD Stuart
  • Travis Dunlap
  • Matthew Bradley


In April of 2016 the leadership team invited Jennifer Broad to join the staff as the Women's Ministry Coordinator.

In July of 2016 All Saints Presbyterian moved their worship services to Lipscomb Elementary School off of Concord Road. At the same time, they began to worship in the mornings rather than the afternoons.

Throughout this period the church was steadily growing and was quickly able to support itself financially. She began receiving members as well.


In April of 2017 All Saints was able to call a second pastor, Pastor Nathan McCall. Together, Matt and Nathan shared the preaching and other pastoral responsibilities.

In June of 2017 the church began its formal officer training in preparation to call ruling elders and deacons.


After a long formal process of preparation and petitioning the Nashville Presbytery, All Saints Presbyterian Church was approved to organize as a congregation of the PCA and did so in a Sunday evening worship service on the first Sunday of Advent in 2018, exactly three years after her first corporate worship service.


The Stone family joined the church in 2018 and Krista quickly began helping out in various ways. She played the piano and was preparing and printing our orders of worship. In January of 2019 we brought her on staff officially as our Administrative Assistant and she has been a huge blessing ever since.