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The Infallibility of the Old Testament

This title sounds very academic, doesn't it? But if you were challenged to defend it, could you? It is one of many things that is so commonly accepted by Christ-followers that we are seldom ready to show the truth of this statement. Recently I had a very sad conversation with a close friend about this topic. He strongly claims to be a Christian yet was quite aggressive in...

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ELI Report from Todd Bradley

Have you ever been deceived?Most of us have.Sometimes it's about a minor issue; other times it is more significant and costly.As we look back on those more impactful deceptions, we get uncomfortable remembering how much we trusted what we heard.It sounded so good, but in the end, it was unreliable and led us in a harmful direction.As we engage in the Church's mission of gl...

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But, About the Foreigner...

As my brother, Joel McCall, wrote last week, ELI is making major adjustments to serve our national partners in Africa, South Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.It is humbling and thrilling to work with these retired pastors, missionaries, and professors who want to "finish well" by training pastors around the world who are unable to go to seminary.One of my...

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