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Praying Scripture

Early last year (even before we knew it was going to be "2020"), I struggled with both my devotions and prayer life. I frequently found my mind wandering as I read the Scriptures in the morning. While I rarely missed my weekday readings, I frequently had to restart them because I hadn't focused on what I was reading. Similarly, my prayers suffered, being brief or repetitiv...

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Unlike my wife,Alex, I am not prone to nostalgia. However, she knows that our roles reverse periodically. On Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, times of long-standing traditions in my family growing up, she expects the mild bouts of melancholy that regularly arrive. Why? Likely homesickness.Home. We long to get home after long trips or busy days at work. Our childhood ho...

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Remembering Your Baptism

Many worship styles exist in modern Christianity, even within conservative, Bible-believing congregations. Reformed worship, however, tends to bedialogical, meaning that our service is structured as a back-and-forth dialogue between God and his people. God speaks to us through his Word, our pastors, and the sacraments. We collectively speak to him through our songs and pra...

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The Beautiful Privilege of Corporate Worship

Too often, the society in which we live affects our spiritual life without us realizing it. In America, we struggle to keep our individualism from altering our view of the local body of Christ and our relationship to it. While any patriotic American will explain why our national character of "pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps" makes us who we are, we need to recog...

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