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A New Sunday School Series

Beginning in a few weeks, we are going to shift in Sunday School from working our way through the Psalms to a focus on what we call Biblical Theology. This approach to theology is focused on interpreting Scripture as it unfolds from beginning to end, keeping Christ's person and work at the center of the unfolding narrative.In a way, this is lifting the hood to show you wha...

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Just Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?

This question and how you answer it are of utmost importance. In fact, your eternal destiny depends upon you answering it well.Over the next few Sundays, as we work through Matthew 11 and 12, we will be confronted with the identity of Jesus and the response of the people to his claims. This section of Matthew opens with John that Baptist, of all people, wondering if Jesus ...

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Church Discipline: Love Is Patient

I want to close this series out with one last reminder abouthowthe Session needs to go about its work in church discipline.Because the Session is motivated by lovelove for Christ, love for the Church, and love for the sinnerlove must punctuate all that the Session says and does. Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 13that"Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; ...

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Church Discipline: Motives Matter

Last week we considered what church discipline is. This week I want to answer "Why do we do it?" The truth is, our motives in discipline matter! If the Session is motivated by a desire to wield power,to get retribution for perceived personal offenses, orto punish behavior, then their motives are not godly motives. There are several proper motives, however, that when combin...

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Christian Meditation - Psalm 1

I just opened Facebook on my phone. Another building on fire. Another minister talking about the need for a new denomination. Another murderous slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. Another plague sweeping Africa. Another marchin another cityhijacked by looters. Another Supreme Court ruling. And another storm coming tomorrow. Another rant from friends concerning masks on bot...

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