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Christian Meditation - Psalm 1

I just opened Facebook on my phone. Another building on fire. Another minister talking about the need for a new denomination. Another murderous slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. Another plague sweeping Africa. Another marchin another cityhijacked by looters. Another Supreme Court ruling. And another storm coming tomorrow. Another rant from friends concerning masks on bot...

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When Prayer Is Hard

I mentioned Sunday in my sermon that prayer is sometimes hard. Why is that? Here are a few reasons to consider:Sin and Shame.Sometimes prayer is hard because we are aware of our sin, and we are ashamed andtrying to avoid God. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden, we try to cover our sins ourselves, and we hide from God when he pursues us. If this is what is keeping you from him...

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Praying with the Saints

I suspect few things can induce shame in a Christian as quickly as a pastor bringing up the subject of prayer. Few evangelical Christians would say they believe they pray enough. Some of that is because many don't really understand what prayer is. Others may feel guilty or inadequate because they sense the importance of prayer and can't imagine that they pray as often as t...

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