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Church Discipline: Rules for Your Good, Part 2

Last week I introduced the three acts of discipline a Session can take with an unrepentant member: Admonition, Suspension from the Sacraments, and Excommunication. This week we'll consider these in more detail.Admonition is simply a formal statement from the Sessioncalling you to repent and turn from your sin. This is sometimes administered to one who has already repented ...

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Church Discipline: Motives Matter, Part 2

Last week, we started considering the right motives for church discipline. This week, we'll finish that list.A second proper motive is a genuine love for Christ, whose honor is diminished by the sin of his people. We have seen this all too vividly in the scandals of the Roman Catholic Church over the past 15 years. It is scandalous enough what some priests have done to tho...

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Church Discipline: The Missing Mark of the Church

Few subjects create more anxiety, confusion, and even anger than the subject of church discipline. For most people, they have either never seen it done, or they've seen it done poorly. Mix in some rugged American individualism and the heart's natural dislike of being called to repentance, and you get a very thorough dislike and mistrust of church discipline on the part of ...

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